Projects / Energochemica
Location: Strazske, Slovak Republic

Feedstock: wheat straw and other biomass

Nominal capacity (cellulosic ethanol): 55'000 t/y

Biochemtex is currently executing a contract with ENERGOCHEMICA TRADING a.s., Bratislava, to build a cellulosic ethanol plant in Strazske, Slovak Republic, using the PROESA™ technology. The contract was signed in September 2014. The plant will produce 55,000 metric tons per year of second generation fuel grade bioethanol from cost-advantaged non-food feedstock including wheat straw and other biomasses such as switch-grass, rapeseed straw and corn stover.

The project includes the construction of an adjacent facility to produce power and steam using lignin coming from the ethanol plant as a fuel?

This will be the first cellulosic ethanol plant based on a second generation technology in the Slovak Republic. It will contribute to the industrial development of the rural areas of Eastern Slovakia.