PROESA™ / Our business model
Our business model
Beta Renewables is licensing the PROESA™ technology at global level. Customers are offered an integrated technology package for the conversion of cellulosic biomass - therefore not in competition with the food chain - into biofuels and biochemicals. Beta Renewables offers guarantees on the performance of the process and access to engineering services, expertise in the supply chain of biomass, off-take agreement opportunities and biotech consumer goods provided by our main industrial partners.
The Value Proposition of Beta Renewables is geared towards reducing the risk of customer projects and allowing a harmonious and profitable development of our technology. To do so, in collaboration with Biochemtex and Novozymes, a series of guarantees on performance and on costs are offered to protect clients.

The business model for PROESA™ licensees aims to make the technology accessible, achieve good economic performance and bankable projects.

Beta Renewables

  • PROESA™ is cost-competitive even with oil at 70 USD per barrel, a price which today is basically unattainable.
  • holds the rights to the PROESA™ technology
  • ensures continuous process improvement
  • sells the PROESA™ licences at global level
  • provides performance guarantees
  • provides support for the supply of biomass, off take of finished products and project financing
  • manages the Crescentino site


  • Engineering partner
  • provides, as a minimum, the basic engineering and the Key Equipment Package
  • provides mechanical guarantees
  • takes care of the validation of EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) contractors
  • provides testing, plant start-up and training

The collaboration between Beta Renewables and Novozymes allows:

  • to substantially reduce the cost of the enzymes per unit of cellulosic ethanol
  • to increase the reliability of the technology, which is guaranteed by the partnership between two industry leaders
  • to provide guarantees to customers on the performance of enzymes, a factor which - together with the incidence on cost - reduces to a minimum the risks associated with first of a kind technologies