PROESA™ / Biorefinery
By using PROESA™ it is possible to plan the biorefinery of the future. Already today the plant in Crescentino – which only produces bioethanol – constitutes a true example of how a new model biorefinery can be set up.
Through the two basic processes that make up PROESA™ (pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis), it is possible to produce biofuels, biochemical intermediates for several industrial applications, and lignin derivatives.

PROESA™ is a unique technology platform in the world. If fermented properly, the sugars obtained through PROESA™ can give rise to a wide variety of "bio" products, like biofuels (e.g. bioethanol) and different biochemical products, such as fatty acids, ethylene glycol, used to produce PET with terephthalic acid. Moreover, one can obtain other products from lignin, such as aromatic compounds and terephthalic acid, confirming the great potential of lignocellulosic sources. Each component of the biomass can lead the way towards the biorefinery of the future.