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The Partners


Biochemtex, a company of the Mossi Ghisolfi Group, is specialized in the design and construction of industrial plants in the petrochemical, polymers, fibers, energy, biofuels and environmental technologies sectors through its offices in Italy, USA, India and China. Biochemtex boasts 60 years of experience in process development and the commercialization of chemical plants.
The PROESA™ technology was developed in the laboratories of Biochemtex in Italy and the United States.
For further information:  www.biochemtex.com


Novozymes is our enzyme partner and ensures a cost-effective global supply of high-performing enzymes – the most critical input to the technology – to PROESA™ licensed facilities. In addition, as leaders in, respectively, cellulosic process technology and biotech solutions, Beta Renewables and Novozymes will continue to invest to improve the joint performance of their technologies and maintain their status as market and technology leaders.


Leaf (Lesaffre Advanced Fermentations) is a business unit of Lesaffre, a reference player in the production of yeast for applications across multiple industries. Leaf is dedicated to the development and sales of value-added fermentation solutions for bioethanol and bio-based chemicals producers. Leaf supplies PROESA™ licensees with CelluX™ a bioengineered yeast selected for the fermentation of cellulosic sugars.