Biofuels and biochemicals
from agricultural residues
and non-food plants:
With Proesa™ we can.

Discover Proesa™ and how it works

Proesa™ belongs to the so-called "second-generation" technologies which allow the use of the sugars present in lignocellulosic biomass to obtain fuel and other chemicals with lower greenhouse gas emissions and at competitive costs compared to fossil fuels (oil, natural gas).
It is the result of an investment (...) Read more
Market Outlook

The demand for liquid fuels for transport is expected to increase substantially in the coming decades, considering that the passenger vehicle fleet is expected to grow 2-fold by 2030 and 4-fold by 2050. In fact, despite an expected reduction in the consumption of liquid fuels, due to the emergence of electric (...) Read more
Sustainability and 2nd generation biofuels

Today, the world is moving thanks to oil. Fossil fuel emissions are the main cause of global warming. The world is striving to reduce these emissions. Solar and wind energy can contribute to solve the problem, but not alone. Hence, new biofuels are a key element, as they can make an even greater contribution. (...) Read more